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Meet The Artisans


Interior designers Maria and Juan started Maiamé to help preserve Mexican artisanal crafts, breathing new life into remote communities that have been developing handicrafts for generations but have had little access to foreign markets.

The couple works closely with the artisans to design, prototype, and produce modern pieces with character, featuring interesting textures and a level of detail that can only be achieved with painstakingly precise manual work.

The artisans they work with have been mastering their traditional techniques for generations, using exclusively the raw materials available to their communities, such as palm leaf and other natural fibers. Thanks to the collaboration with Maiamé these master craftsmen and women now have access to stable jobs with fair payment and treatment, as well as exposure to wider markets and international audiences.

Through Maiamé, Maria and Juan married their vision of modern design with the ancestral traditions and techniques endemic to Mexico, to produce high-quality objects of interior decor such as rugs and baskets that will give any space depth and richness of character.