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Maison Anaroze
Meet The Artisans

Maison Anaroze

Destiny brought Nathalie to Morocco over 16 years ago, when she left France and embarked on a journey to discover Morocco and Berber culture with her family.

Nathalie’s career as an interior designer is strongly influenced by places steeped in history. Her world travels have allowed her to experience various cultures and meet people from all walks of life. From these experiences, she’s been able to reflect this inspiration more authentically into her designs.

Since moving to Morocco, she’s renovated three 18th-century buildings in Marrakech’s medina, transforming them into what Maison Anaroze is now, a boutique riad as well as Nathalie’s creative and artistic universe, where all of her pieces come to life and find a home in each corner of the space.

Her interior design style is a mix of raw and authentic, using materials such as clay, wood, lime patinas, and plaster. By contrasting raw objects and materials with more fragile and well-worn materials, Maison Anaroze brings to life a timeless aesthetic that feels both centuries-old and contemporary. Each element is the result of the joint work of the craftsman and the designer, and always with a Berber-inspired ethos.