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Meet The Artisans


Husband and wife Daniel & Deify created Makamah in 2011 out of a desire to bring more relaxation into the world. The project began with a focus on hammocks given their unique and simple pleasure, then branched out into sourcing the right makers of the product.

Daniel and Deify started to search for the right people to accompany them on their exciting entrepreneurial journey and found their perfect match among Mexican artisan communities, where wonders are created out of simplicity. Ten years on, Makamah is a true celebration of the raw pleasure of handmade crafts and of Mexican heritage.

Its finely woven hammocks are made using traditional ‘warping’ or weaving techniques that master artisans have refined over the centuries all around Mexico. With passion, commitment and a unique, high-quality product, Makamah promotes its mission to support the permanence of this ancestral work, transmitted from generation to generation, and help vulnerable groups in the country.

Makamah now employs hundreds of people from different communities and continues to affect positive change with its products, the purchase of which helps more and more families have an income and improve their quality of life.