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Meet The Artisans



Miriam Zacarias connects to knot-weaving, also known as macramé, as a form of therapeutic healing. Born in Morelia, capital of the state of Michoacan in Mexico, her childhood was spent exploring the lineage of handicrafts passed down through her mother, creating new things and experimenting with ideas.

Her passion for design and creativity led to studying architecture. But with the onset of the pandemic, Miriam found herself immersed into the world of macramé as the world suddenly came to a halt. As she began sharing her crafts, she was surprised by the overwhelming interest from her local community.

Inspired by the early success of her creations, and with support from her mother who taught her additional weaving techniques, Miriam launched MAKRA.

MAKRA is a Mexican brand inspired by the curiosity to create handmade goods that transcend ancestral traditions, directly supporting local artisans to ensure the legacy of these traditions remain. Each item created seeks to highlight the natural beauty of the materials, offering unique pieces for the home and accessories for personal use, transforming spaces and fashion.

Today MAKRA is grateful to have existing clients throughout Mexico, the United States and Germany. Miriam’s dream is to see MAKRA designs reach every corner of the world.