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Makramé Ahd
Meet The Artisans

Makramé Ahd


Khadija Bouchaqour founded Makramé Ahd in 2021 as a full-time student and mother to little princess Ahd, whom the brand is named after. Khadija’s love for macramé started at just 15 years old, when she began experimenting with the craft. And after years of self-taught practice, Khadija is now the proud founder of her own macramé brand.

Makramé Ahd is a workshop specializing in the creation of macramé art with a wide variety of textures, styles, and 100% natural materials. Using both classic macramé knots as well as various weaving techniques, these unique macramé designs will bring warmth and depth to your home.

A one-woman show, Khadija takes care of all aspects of the business; from designing to knotting and weaving, from marketing to photography, and so much more. For Khadija, the macramé world represents a great opportunity to push her boundaries, and it encourages her to be more kind, curious, creative, and inclusive. This sector may seem quite competitive, but Khadija has been able to grow and learn from the macramé community, using the process of knotting in repetition as a therapeutic act of self-love and as a way to reconnect with a simpler, yet more authentic life.