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Mani Maalai
Meet The Artisans

Mani Maalai

Sisters Alejandra and Gabriela Morales are the founders and designers behind Mani Maalai, a Mexico-based maker of Earth-inspired jewelry.

The instinct for creation and the passion for natural elements are at the basis of Mani Maalai’s selection of metals and precious stones for each piece. Brass, gold, silver, and precious gems are shaped with sophistication, blending colors and textures to give birth to avant-garde and original pieces alive with a universal spirit.

From its beginning more than 15 years ago, Mani Maalai has been a trendsetter. Their jewelry will complement any garment, look, and body with their rich history and sophisticated design. All pieces are handcrafted by masterful Mexican artisans that admire and understand the organic nature of raw materials, contributing, together with Mani Maalai’s own designer duo, to its distinctivity and exclusivity.

Mani Maalai’s collections are as unique in their designs as in the brand’s name which means necklace in Indu. Never forgetting up and coming trends, Mani Maalai’s pieces are classic and sophisticated, organic and geometric, timeless creations able to transform into statement accessories.