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Meet The Artisans


When her sister experienced the hardships of postpartum depression, Erika Londoño decided to embark on a journey of healing with her. Inspired by the Sioux culture of dreamcatchers, they started exploring the healing power of creating with your hands.
The sisters soon realized there was a real need to help people fight for and believe in their aspirations. Since its inception in 2015, their brand Manik has expanded beyond the sisters’ native Medellin, Colombia, to offer decorative healing objects such as dreamcatchers and hanging looms that seek to generate positive change in those who search for self-healing.

The brand’s name represents the healing, friendship, generosity, and fulfillment present in Mayan arthrology, the ancient science that studies the human joints and articulations, and symbolizes the sisters’ willingness to create inner peace and harmony through the simple use of their hands.

During production, they are mindfully connected to the here and now, forgetting about past hurts or future worries, and concentrating their energies on creating their magic dreamcatchers and looms with love and compassion, infusing them with positivity to encourage the final owner to find the strength to build their dream life and fulfill their wishes.