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Meet The Artisans


After several years of leading projects with a social focus in a technology company, Andrea Garcia Orjuela took the leap and founded Manosabia. Her dream was to start a brand that combined her fascination with crafts, her passion for decoration, and her motivation to recognize the tireless work of Colombia’s rural artisans.

Started in 2016, Manosabia’s mission is to keep the creative spirit in permanent evolution in order to offer new decorative pieces inspired by different handcrafted techniques, where quality and attention to detail are the brand’s signature. This pushes Manosabia to an incessant discovery of Colombia’s cultural roots and the challenge to integrate them with an aesthetic and artistic approach.

Manosabia loves learning from artisans, understanding their techniques, and exploring new patterns or color combinations. Through this process, Manosabia is able to transform spaces through unique pieces of furniture that showcase manual artisanal work in modern designs.

The name Manosabia, or “wise hand,” is in honor of the talented, expert, and magical hands of the numerous artisan communities of Colombia. These artisan communities dedicate a large part of their lives to preserving legacies through the crafts they have inherited. These generational crafts reveal Colombia’s cultural roots in their techniques, materials, and symbols.