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Meet The Artisans


Founded in Mexico City by Angélica Sarabia, Marbia creates 3D-printed jewelry, inspired by nature and fairy tales. Marbia merges technology and traditional jewelry-smithing techniques to create beautiful products that celebrate the power and beauty of Mother Earth, with a focus on gemstones and precious metals.

Exquisite rings and earrings are created using a computer-modeled CAD program and 3D printed. Later, using the lost wax technique, they are cast in silver and finished by hand by talented jewelry master David, who instills his mastery and passion for his work in each piece.

Marbia wants to encourage you to gift yourself or a loved one moments of happiness, immortalized in a piece of jewelry that can be treasured for eternity. With the natural brightness of each piece, Marbia seeks to highlight the power, charm, and spark of each person and express their personality. From design, packaging, and shipping, Marbia’s dedicated team wants you to experience the passion and love for jewelry design that they feel when they make each piece.