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Marianne Romero
Meet The Artisans

Marianne Romero


Marianne Romero is a multidisciplinary Mexican artisan, inspired by the indigenous peoples of Mexico, specifically Huichol art, and Bohemian culture. She works with threads and textiles to create magnificent colorful yarn paintings, capturing the sensations of nature through the movement of the threads. Integrating her art into earthen material, Marianne aslo crafts beautiful and delicate ceramic objects and jewelry.


Marianne was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico, where she eventually went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree at the local university. She spent quite some time creating art in her hometown, participating in several art exhibitions and holding her first solo show in 2019. Eager to explore new worlds, Marianne recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where she is preparing to hold her first exhibition, but she returns to Mexico frequently for inspiration.


Marianne focuses on slow, intentional creation. Her goal is to create awareness in the viewer, through her personal representation of nature, hoping to carry on the call of her ancestors to protect and preserve the world around us.