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Meet The Artisans


Martielli was founded in 2018 by fashion designer and marketer Paola Martínez. With the creation of Martielli, Paola wanted to reaffirm Latin America’s fashion presence and capabilities: creativity, diversity, designs, colors, quality, and craft processes that make each creation unique and very special.

Martielli is a fashion brand for women, by women–artisans and mothers who are heads of households  who give value to each garment they make. Each piece is the fruit of weeks of manual work and years of clothing skills. With a sophisticated, bohemian, adventurous, and above all fun style, Martielli is known for creating functional, excellent quality, comfortable, timeless and feminine designs with a romantic touch. All their prints are exclusive to the brand and made with high-quality textiles and fibers that are sourced from ecological materials.

Motivated by the conservation and recovery of our ecosystems, Martielli embarked on a sustainability journey in a very innovative way, creating a striking ecological product. Through the initiative  “from plastic to fabric,” Martielli seeks to give a second life to plastic waste by turning it into a unique, soft and very practical fabric called rPET or recycled polyester, which Martielli uses for their signature towels.