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Matamba Artesanal
Meet The Artisans

Matamba Artesanal

Industrial designer Jennibeth Iguarán and textile designer Juanita Gil worked together for four years with Colombian artisanal communities before branching out to set up their own brand, Matamba Artesanal, in 2020. 

Armed with a shared passion for their ancestral traditions and a willingness to keep artisanal excellence alive, Jennibeth and Juanita took their lifetime of experience exploring different Colombian traditions, crafts, techniques, and raw materials and turned it into a fully-fledged business that promotes Colombian artisanal mastery in the textile world.

Working in close collaboration with master artisans, they co-create modern designs of tote bags, backpacks, and clothing, using ancestral techniques like crocheting and loom weaving that help preserve the artisans’ culture and identity.

Their timeless designs place a lot of value on the process, the patience, and the beauty of handmade work, and are obtained by striking a careful balance between tradition and innovation. Jennibeth and Juanita are adamant they develop a close personal connection to the artisans, which, alongside a full understanding of their environment and culture, is essential in the creation of innovative and conscious designs.