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Matope Ceramica
Meet The Artisans

Matope Ceramica

Marina was working in business administration when she came across ceramics in her research for a creative outlet. She took a few classes and was immediately hooked: ceramics became a life-changing passion very quickly after that! In 2016, she made the brave choice of leaving her job to dedicate herself to making and teaching pottery full-time with her brand Matope Cerámica.

Today, you’ll mostly find her in her studio, Punto Cuatro in Mexico City, creating and hanging out with other clay enthusiasts. Though it has taken her a lot of time and effort to get to this point, arriving to work at the studio every morning still fills her with satisfaction, creative energy, and a strong desire to continue producing, learning, and sharing.

Marina sees clay as a medium of expression with infinite possibilities and as a way of finding oneself. Her work seeks to rescue the value of handmade things and the importance of conscious consumption. She makes jewelry pieces with hand-building techniques, and homeware pieces using the pottery wheel. She produces unique pieces or small series, paying special attention to details, and is excited to create items that other people will treasure.