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Meet The Artisans


Peruvian born fashion designer Micaela Gálvez is the creative mind behind Metric Accessories, a Mexico-based jewelry line with an effortless, organic and architectonic approach, that uses everyday geometric shapes as its inspiration, creating jewelry with a characteristically clean yet imposing look.

A long-time lover of making things with her hands, after her fashion design studies in Lima, she took some jewelry-making courses, before moving to Mexico City where she found a receptive market to her minimalist yet elegant jewelry, thought specifically for the modern, confident woman with a clear outlook on life.

After initially starting on her own designing and making every single piece of jewelry, she soon realized that her business wouldn’t be sustainable if she were to work alone. In her travels around Mexico, she found her match in the artisans of Taxco, a town three hours from Mexico City, hugely regarded as the Mecca of jewelers in Mexico.

Pairing and layering accessories on plain outfits is a way for Micaela to establish her identity and taste, turning a smart-casual daytime attire into an elegant evening look at leisure. Working with bronze and sometimes wood, Micaela develops eye-catching, statement-making, and often rustic styles, that despite their simplicity never lose their sophistication.