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Meet The Artisans


A luxury candle brand, Morii translates as the desire to capture a fleeting moment in time and this is exactly what husband and wife duo Jorge and Gisella want their customers to experience when burning their products.

Their sustainable creations take their inspiration from travels, stories and memories of loved ones, each candle offering a unique fragrance and sensual experience that will transport you through time, space, and lived experiences. Each candle has a unique fragrance and is sustainably made with vessels made from 100% recycled hand-blown glass, wooden wicks, virgin coconut soy wax, and 100% organic oils.

Two travelling souls who have found a way of seeing the world and walking their steps through the senses, Jorge and Gisella are committed to making sustainable luxury products with unique aromas that appeal to memory and illusions in equal measure.

Each one of Morii’s pieces is handmade in Barranquilla, Colombia, in collaboration with master artisans and using hand-blown glass. Join Morii on its great adventure to travel the world through the senses, treasuring precious moments, places and souls.