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Mouna Fassi Fihri
Meet The Artisans

Mouna Fassi Fihri


Born and raised in Fez, Morocco, Mouna Fassi Fihri grew up feeding her imagination with magical stories from her family’s past and watching the masterful hands of artisans making beautiful wares in the dusty backstreets of Fez medina. After studying finance in France, she went back to Morocco and started collaborating with her husband’s architecture studio, where she spent some time cutting her teeth at design and learning the ins and outs of the industry.


Her 2016 piece Lady Nawel - a bamboo and wool chair created for the COP22 climate convention in Marrakech - firmly projected her into the realm of professional furniture design, and today she is one of the best-established designers in Morocco. Mouna’s particular aesthetic seamlessly blends traditional Berber materials and techniques with elements of modern interior decoration. Her Moroccan brocade bar stools and the BeeLow tables are clear examples of the tremendous impact of her Moroccan heritage on her designs.


Mouna’s work is also greatly influenced by the Slow Design Movement, a holistic approach to design, skewing away from machine-made serial design and taking into account the ethical aspects and the social factors involved in the creative process. Each one of Mouna’s pieces is absolutely unique, having been made entirely by hand using ethically sourced materials from around the Atlas region.