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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $150
Mx Atelier
Meet The Artisans

Mx Atelier

Originally from Colombia, Paloma Santacruz moved to Cancún for what was supposed to be a temporary period. While staying at a friend’s she met Ricardo at a cheeky Valentine’s party that changed both of their lives forever.

The two became inseparable and soon Paloma’s thirst for creation and all things manual crafts was contagious enough that they decided to start their own brand and business making macramé products.

Palom had always been crafty, having done anything from knitting to painting, and was busy teaching painting workshops when she stumbled upon macrameé on a trip to Tulúm. She was immediately hooked. Back home she started watching tutorials and experimenting with the craft until she became good enough to start selling her wares and eventually teach it to others too.

Today, the strength of Mx Atelier’s work is in the obsessive attention to detail and the mastery of Paloma’s designs. Though Ricardo is still a practicing architect while managing the business side of things, he and Paloma hope to soon turn their brand into a full-time job for both of them.