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Nana Manos Artesanas
Meet The Artisans

Nana Manos Artesanas

Born in Mexico City but with family roots in Oaxaca, interior designer Itzel Zúñiga studied and worked with textiles in Mexico, Chile and Brazil, before deciding to create her own brand to work with local communities in and around Oaxaca for the preservation of ancestral crafts and cultural identities.

In her constant search for community projects with social impact, Itzel traveled to Brazil, where she taught children in the favelas, and later moved back to Oaxaca to work in a crafts workshop, which sparked her passion for all things textiles.

She created her brand Nana Manos Artesanas and started researching makers communities around the state of Oaxaca, in towns such as San Tomás Jalieza and San Antonino, working with different artisans to develop a range of products that she now sells locally in her shop in Oaxaca City.

As its name signifies (Nana Manos Artesanas means “lullaby of artisans’ hands” in Spanish) the project is heavily inspired by the sense of warmth and care we experience during childhood when tender hands of our mothers and grandmothers take care of us and lull us to sleep with a song.

The closeness to “Nahuatl Nantlalli”, Mother Earth, the Mother of Mothers, is reflected in the use of organic and natural materials, worked with ancestral techniques which have been passed down through generations of women. Through her collections of textile and embroidered products, Nana Manos Artesanas brings us back to a place of comfort, thanks to the skillful blend of exclusive designs, pastel color palettes, and masterful working techniques.
Nana Manos Artesanas