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Natandra Collections
Meet The Artisans

Natandra Collections

Alejandra Aguilar was born in Venezuela but moved to Mexico at a very young age to study Music Production. After graduating, getting married, and having two daughters she decided to take a leap and follow her passion, launching her brand of textile designs: Natandra Collections.

In love with her family, Alejandra decided to name her brand after a combination of her daughters’ names: Natalia and Alondra, from whom she takes her inspiration to express her love for beauty, comfort, and the act of weaving and creating textile art.

All of Natandra Collections’ pieces are made by hand by Alejandra and range from wall hangings, home decor, jewelry, and accessories. The brand favors pieces made with noble materials, such as cotton and jute, highlighting neutral colors and warm combinations that infuse a sense of comfort, joy, and peace to the environment.

Alejandra believes everyone has something valuable to share with the world and she finds the best way of doing that for her is through textile art. With her expert knots and weaves, Alejandra shows us with imagination and creativity her passion for the art of textile weaving, hoping that we can feel the warmth and comfort that emanates from her designs.