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Nativa Living
Meet The Artisans

Nativa Living

When consumer-goods expert Francisco Garcés met award-winning interior designer Natalia Menache, it was “design love” at first sight. Bound by their shared passion for Mexican craftsmanship and their conviction that the house is a temple for the soul, they developed a strong friendship and business partnership.

Their brand, Nativa Living, is a modern brand that provides superb handcrafted products made with the best techniques and locally-sourced natural materials, offering exclusive home furnishing collections that pay homage to traditional Mexican craftsmanship, are eco-conscious, and support fair trade. Each handmade piece reflects the spirit of the artisans who create it and their passion for traditional crafts and techniques.

Meaning “native” in Spanish, Nativa Living works exclusively with materials in their purest form, from palm to textile to leather, and collaborates with artisans and collectives who are committed to producing high-quality products while using environmentally friendly practices that minimize waste.

Keen to keep ancestral traditions and techniques alive, Francisco and Natalia want to share with the world the stories, processes and crafts behind each product, thus presenting a more comprehensive view of what Mexico is like today.