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Natural Artesanías
Meet The Artisans

Natural Artesanías

Natural Artesanías is a social enterprise with a passion for handicrafts and preserving artisan communities around Colombia. Using a wide variety of natural fibers, its artisans create high-quality, fair-trade designs that celebrate Colombia’s forgotten territories, biodiversity and richness of vegetable fibers.

Placing people above profit, Natural Artesanías reinvest all of its income into developing Colombian crafts and helping artisans improve their quality of life, giving them visibility in national markets and beyond.

When the idea first struck her to start a social enterprise, Natural Artesanias’ founder Madga travelled the country to learn about artisanal crafts, production processes and makers’ communities in Colombia. Using exclusively local materials, Magda empowers talented artisans to make their presence visible and brings them closer to the city market.

In 2020 alone, Natural Artesanías supported more than 30 artisans from all over Colombia, including representatives of indigenous populations, people affected by violence and who live in remote areas of the country, always trying to maintain fair trade and reasonable prices.