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Neutro Home
Meet The Artisans

Neutro Home

After graduating in Communications, Juan Carlos Damas turned his life around to pursue his passions: fashion and interior design. Starting with Neutro in 2020, a gender-fluid sustainable fashion brand, he jumped at the chance to expand and just a year later he created Neutro Home, a slow-living brand specialized in artisanal home décor pieces.

Neutro Home is committed to the environment and sustainability, all its products are made to order so that any waste and unnecessary contamination is avoided. Neutro Home is also gender-fluid, defending a world without labels that define us, creating fashion and interior design pieces for human beings and not genders.

This vision and essence are the guidelines for the artisanal process required for the creation of all products, which are handmade by a team of talented women artisans from Yucatán, Mexico, under the guidance of creative director Juan Carlos.

Following his recent move to Spain to study interior design, Juan Carlos is pouring his heart and soul into Neutro Home, to create spaces featuring his designs and showcase Mexican excellence worldwide.