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Meet The Artisans


Coming from a long line of carpet weavers of the Beni Ourain tribe, Amin “Galvinsky” Elouazzani (as he is known to friends and family since his childhood) grew up surrounded by traditional rugs and the Berber women hand-weaving them.

After spending some time in Spain, Amin returned to Marrakech with a renewed love for his heritage and culture, the remnants of which he had found in the Spanish Alhambra. He worked in the travel industry, roaming around Morocco and being greatly inspired by the work of Berber women, who continue ancestral traditions patiently knotting and weaving huge rugs by hand.

Far from just being decorative objects, Berber rugs are veritable woolen canvases exhibiting traditional art, as well as representing the values, hopes, and wishes of the artisan who made them. They depict a sense of community that resonates with Amin, so much so that on the eave of his thirty-third birthday, he opened Nomad33, a studio in the upscale Gueliz neighborhood of Marrakech, where he hosts his huge collection of vintage rugs as well as other art pieces.

Today, his team travels far and wide around Morocco to source the best vintage rugs directly from the makers, as well as working with them on bespoke designs, preserving heritage while modernizing centuries-old craftsmanship.