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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $150
Meet The Artisans


Named after the Italian word for grandmother, Nonna was born from a passion for weaving and Macramé, when physiotherapist Jenniffer Martinez decided to leave her career after years of treating disabled people made her realise the value of family time and that life is finite.

Prioritising her time with her husband and with a baby on her way, Bogotá-based Martinez began to study the origins of weaving and dedicate her time to creating a variety of decorative pieces such as placemats, cup holders and tapestries, made with 100% cotton natural fibers. Today Nonna offers a range of beautifully hand-crafted items made by Martinez herself, that aims to personalize and create unique spaces that generate a sense of well-being.

Identifying most with the art of knotting known as Macramé, Martinez’s passion for the craft can be seen in her intricate designs and dedication to detail. Designed to bring harmony and natural balance into your home, Nonna’s products are named after sacred places and configurations that aid meditation.

Inject some life and Colombian culture into your living spaces with Nonna’s vibrant color scheme, bohemian and meditative philosophy and a combination of practicality and unique aesthetic.