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Meet The Artisans


Architect Carlos Garzón has always been passionate about the preservation of Colombian cultural heritage and the restoration of Colombian artisanal crafts. Since 2017, he has been channeling this passion into his brand OCHOINFINITO, creating beautiful utilitarian art, decor objects, and pieces of furniture exclusively in series of eight and inspired by the know-how of Colombian craftsmanship, valuing traditions and artisanal techniques.

Carlos sees Colombian design as a tool to improve humanity and encourage beautiful living. For him, craftsmanship encapsulates an ideal of luxury which reinterprets traditions in a modern way, seeking originality and paying the greatest attention to the beauty found in the smallest details. Producing exclusively in limited series, OCHOINFINITO displays their passions for design, their love for the trade, Colombian know-how, and good living. Each of their pieces is an ode to the joy of celebrating life.

Since 2018 OCHOINFINITO has become a registered trademark, forming part of the country’s vibrant Design Colombia program, thanks to which the brand has participated in numerous design and crafts fairs. Previously only based in a shop in Bogotá, OCHOINFINITO is now selling internationally on The Nopo.