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Meet The Artisans


Camila Prado is a product designer specializing in furniture design. Her personal project, Oficio, was born in 2018 as a contemporary approach to local crafts. Through a close collaboration with expert Colombian artisans specializing in traditional weaving, wood carving, and pottery techniques, Oficio creates design objects with a conscience.

Camila has established herself as an independent up-and-coming product designer, by giving special importance to conceptualization and creative consulting. Through her work, Camila finds innovative solutions to creative challenges by focusing on research and manual productions, all the while making sure she has a positive impact on the community by adding value to products through conscious design practices.

At Oficio, the greatest value is given to what is handmade. Inspired by a land full of trades, its collections explore traditional artisanal techniques through products made from the purest materials. Colors and shapes are inspired by nature, as if you were taking a long and calming walk in the Colombian countryside.