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Ome Citlalli
Meet The Artisans

Ome Citlalli

Ome Citalli emerged through a path of discovering passion and new forms of expression, launching as an artisan textile brand in April, 2020. The name, ‘Ome Citalli’ is translated as ‘two stars’ in Nahuatl; chosen to honor the brand’s Mexican roots while giving homage to the two founders of the project, Paulina and Daniel.

Each of Ome Citalli’s designs are inspired by the stories, personalities, natural phenomena and distinct textures that Paulina and Daniel meet in life. In this way the design process is a deeply personal experience, as creating from this deep place within one’s soul reminds one of life’s trials and tribulations even as it paves a clear path to peace. When knots, different points of view, and split pathways come together in art form, they offer a beautiful mosaic of the human experience.

Ome Citalli’s artisans create each design as a living prayer, with a goal to see their handcrafted creations reach every corner of the world.