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Organic Hand
Meet The Artisans

Organic Hand

Rime Chafik was on a sabbatical year from her intense speech therapist career when she became interested in beauty and started learning all about organic skincare. She experimented with making products for her own use for a year and a half before she launched her brand Organic Hands.

Originally moved by an intense desire to counter the stress and burnout felt from an intense career and work environment, Rime’s passion for organic skincare quickly developed into a full-blown creative endeavor. Today, from her Casablanca-based lab, Rime makes a wide range of organic soap bars, shampoo bars, and serums to pamper your skin, revitalize your hair and nurture your soul.

Organic Hand is a proudly Moroccan brand that focuses solely on the production of organic cosmetic products that are all zero waste and eco-friendly. From the high-quality natural oils and fragrances used to the recyclable paper packaging, every aspect of Organic Hand’s products is curated to the utmost detail, giving you a luxurious experience that goes beyond skincare to extend to the care of your whole being.