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Meet The Artisans


Oumama and Naila, sisters in life and partners in this professional project, founded Oumaati at the beginning of 2022. Each with a degree in fashion from leading fashion capitals, Casablanca and Paris respectively, they worked for years in the field to acquire extensive experience on their own before deciding to join forces to succeed in a common project: to preserve Moroccan leather artisanship.

At Oumaati traditions of leatherwork are promoted and its origins honored. In this spirit, Oumaati is committed to working only with Moroccan craftsmen and companies. All of Oumaati’s products are handcrafted in the family workshop in Casablanca, Morocco. At its head - Maati - Oumama and Naila’s father and mentor, masterfully orchestrates the making of all creations, drawing on 40 years of experience.

Oumaäti is the witness of Oumama and Naila’s shared passion for leather goods. Through them, Oumaati contemplates history and draws on its roots, while looking to the future and its promises. Totally mobilized to make this heritage evolve through leather artisanship, by promoting and magnifying the treasures and know-how of their country of origin: Morocco.

Therefore, Oumaäti translates the ambition to carry on and respect an immemorial art, while anchoring it resolutely in modernity using contemporary design techniques.