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Meet The Artisans


Fashion designer Stephania Sanchez founded Palmier in 2019 out of a passion for designing bags. Working with a team of dedicated artisans from the communities of Guerrero and Oaxaca, Palmier develops bags and accessories made of woven palm with unique designs.

Most of the materials are 100% natural and woven by master artisans who have been developing these techniques for decades, while each product is inspired by or named after the beaches and cities of Stephania’s native Baja California Sur.

Stephania named the brand after the French word for palm tree, palmier, which epitomizes the brand’s main material, woven palm. Inspired by her upbringing and roots in Baja California Sur and by her beloved sea and beaches, Stephania began developing her designs through collections of products that are functional for day-to-day use, while being a chic accessory for your beach days too.

After gradually incorporating items such as hats, accessories, and beachwear, today Palmier seeks to grow and expand into more design areas, always retaining its essence of a brand that celebrates artisanal excellence and works according to fair trade principles, to protect and develop indigenous artisanal communities.