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Pato Negro
Meet The Artisans

Pato Negro

Patricia Luévano is a product designer with a Master's in Innovation. Her 2010 research project at the Kyoto Institute of Technology sparked a deep love for ceramics, and once back home in Chihuahua, northern Mexico, she set up her studio Pato Negro.

She then deepened her understanding of the craft by learning from artisans in Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, to develop her own style in which she mixes her personal experiences with a contemporary vision of product design.

She focuses her creative work on traditional Japanese ceramic techniques and takes great inspiration from Japanese principles such as the balance between rigor and harmony and the imperfect beauty of nature. Each one of her pieces is entirely handmade and a unique and unrepeatable mix of Japanese functionality and Mexican aesthetics.

Keen to support the local economy and the healthy development of fair trade, she uses only materials endemic to the country and frequently hosts workshops in her studio to support the training of people interested in the craft, thus growing the culture of ceramics in her region.