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Piu Piu Home
Meet The Artisans

Piu Piu Home

PiuPiu is a Mexican textile design brand whose main purpose is to create beautiful handmade products using organic materials and traditional techniques. Born out of a desire to seek a slower pace of life and embrace beachy designs and interiors in the everyday, PiuPiu takes inspiration from the brilliant color pallets found on Mexico’s tropical beaches. 

Founded by sun worshipper Denise Seifert, Piu Piu uses a bright yet harmonious color scheme in its designs so that you can mix and match their colorful striped designs with a variety of different products to complete your collection. In fact, One of PiuPiu’s favorite hobbies is to seek hidden beautiful spaces to splash our stripes and colors on it.

Developed hand in hand with Mexican artisans from the city of Oaxaca, PiuPiu uses the finest and softest organic cotton to be woven in a slow process to create unique results. Find your hidden ocean paradise and sun yourself on one of PiuPiu’s soft soothing cotton towels whilst safe in the knowledge that you are supporting social mobility and financial empowerment of an artisan family.