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Meet The Artisans



Mother and daughter duo Hilda & Juliana started Pomplon as a personal desire for creative exploration and with the wish to fill the world with magic and color. Today, their brand explores traditional artisanal techniques from the Colombian textile world to turn them into unique pieces of contemporary design. 


Each creation is handcrafted by a wonderful team of women, who combine natural and synthetic fibers in a wonderful universe of colors and textures, to create anything from fashion accessories to wall hangings full of positivity and funk. The geometries, color schemes, and textures play a fundamental role in the perception of a peaceful environment where feelings and emotions are explored. 


Pomplon’s workshop just outside the city of Bogotà is a true representation of their values: respect for artisanal knowledge, the art of handmade, and the slow and personalized production process of unique and fresh pieces made locally. Bringing together a wonderful team of Colombian women, between aunts, cousins, and friends, Pomplon’s workshop is a place of healing, creativity, and independence where dreams come true and hearts are constantly touched and filled with joy.