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Pop Dots
Meet The Artisans

Pop Dots

Pop Dots is a Guadalajara ceramic studio founded in 2015 by Melisa Aldrete & Luis Cárdenas, in an attempt to fuse and strengthen together the ideals of process and concept, resulting in conceptual but utilitarian pieces of ceramics ranging from vases to pots to candleholders.

Having lived and worked in England making artistic objects rather than utilitarian items for the house, Melisa and Luis learned first to make ceramics as autodidacts. Once back in Mexico, they partnered with a ceramic importer in Tonalá and began designing a line of items that could be commercialized. Their first collection evolved from experimenting with coating pieces left by a fellow artisan that had not been enameled with latex yet.

Viewing ceramics as an ever-changing practice with infinite creative possibilities, Pop Dots places collaboration, research and exploration at the heart of their work. Working closely with master artisans in Jalisco, Mexico, Melisa & Luis help them to increase their mastery and understanding of their own craft and materials, thanks to their collections and also to experimental installations that continue the dialogue between the creator, the material, the process, and the environment in which the finished product is placed.