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Portia Mx
Meet The Artisans

Portia Mx

Friends and former colleagues Ana Karen, Citlalli & Paulina decided to join their combined experiences as industrial, visual, and interior designers to launch their own brand Portia Mx two years ago.

Originating from Latin and meaning “proposition”, Portia Mx designs prints, frames, plant pots, and shelves inspired by the designers’ childhood memories, such as the planter that their grandma had on her patio or vintage artwork with flowers in the living room.

Having met in the same workplace seven years ago, Ana, Citlalli & Paulina soon realized they could be a perfect creative merger to develop a line of amazing, affordable products, with excellent quality and great design.

Inspired by the color, nature, simplicity, and beauty of objects from their childhood, the three friends started developing lines of vintage prints, art deco shelves, planters, and cushions to transform their memories into new, contemporary visions.

Portia Mx works closely with local artisans using wrought iron, brass, and glass, to ensure local traditional processes are kept alive. Their main goal is to share their passion and philosophy of Mexican design and create beautiful spaces with low investment but great quality of materials and finishes.