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Meet The Artisans



Puntocrudo is a ceramic studio founded by Silvia Triana, a visual artist from Medellín, Colombia, who has dedicated her career to the research and study of the art of ceramics. Puntocrudo seeks to exalt craftsmanship and handmade knowledge based on a conscious relationship with the material. 


Rather than using specific molds, Silvia prefers hand-building techniques such as the potter's wheel, the elaboration of her own ceramic glazes, the implementation of different types of fire. Collaborating with various artisans and designers, Puntocrudo is able to explore the properties of ceramic surfaces, creating objects that find their value in imperfection. Puntocrudo’s aim is to create affective bonds established between people and places through objects. 


These pieces are embodied in different types of ceramic items with refined shapes that, due to their multiple-use and modular character, allow relationships to be established based on the interaction between concept and materiality. A small-scale production assures that the focus can be on researching and exploring new materials and producing all pieces with special attention to detail.