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Quinta Quema
Meet The Artisans

Quinta Quema

Quinta Quema is made up of five passionate Mexican designers from Mexico City, who through a love of ceramics and wood decided to create a brand that makes fun, fresh, and utilitarian objects.

Everything they design is inspired by elements of Mexican culture and nature, such as the vast variety of flora and fauna boasted by Mexico’s dry, rocky landscapes. Each of their beautiful plant pots and ceramic boxes will bring you closer to the heart of their beloved Mexico.

Quinta Quema’s pieces are minimalist, aesthetically pleasing, and fun accessories that adapt to each space, thanks to their pastel color palettes and muted tones. A varied and funky series of pieces for daily use such as flowerpots, containers, cups, and teapots, all of Quinta Quema’s work is lovingly designed and handcrafted from high-temperature ceramics.

Now fully established as ambassadors of Mexican design, Quinta Quema’s next step is to expand its distribution beyond the four states in Mexico where it currently sells. Bring personality and the vivid colors of Mexico to your spaces with their cheeky creations!