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Rafful Estudio
Meet The Artisans

Rafful Estudio

Rafful Estudio is a Mexican brand founded by product and interior designer Sonia Rafful. After studying industrial design, Sonia discovered her love for textile and weaving and thought she would match that with her passion for handicrafts: Rafful Estudio was born.

Keen to move away from fast design and serial production, Sonia founded Rafful Estudio as a space to experiment with all things textile, weaving, and macrame. Without limitations of shapes, textures, or colors, she creates highly unique works of art that seek to transmit the comfort and well-being of home, using natural fibers exclusively hand-dyed with organic pigments.

While she designs and makes most of her pieces, she is sometimes helped by women artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds as part of her collaboration with a foundation that helps women who have served time to reintegrate into society. Sonia hopes to expand her studio to enlist the help of more of these women and give them a chance to a new life after time in jail.

Besides being a vehicle for social change, Rafful Studio’s work is infused with Sonia’s love for the craft, her passion for textile art, and her constant search for individuality, beauty, and comfort.
Rafful Estudio