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Meet The Artisans


Architects Thalía Velasco and Walther Santiago founded their design studio Raíz in Guadalajara, Mexico, with the aim to rescue the long-standing tradition of pottery, one of the most representative Mexican artisanal techniques.

Their work blends traditional processes with contemporary design in pieces that highlight the authenticity of the clay and tangibly show our roots and their ability to stand the test of time. Their products are not just pieces of clay, they are characters who seek to tell new stories.

Raíz presents a different facet of artisanal work by using the material to its fullest potential, respecting the essence of traditional artisanal processes, and exploring each stage of production, from the conception of the design, selection, and mixing of the material, to the various finishes each piece can have. Similarly, Raíz’s work seeks to maximize the skills and abilities of each artisan without neglecting the essence of their technique.

The cornerstone of Raíz’s work is their willingness to enhance the transformation of clay in appearance and essence, and their tireless exploration of the possibilities that such a noble material as clay possesses.

Each of their pieces is different and special, has its own personality, and is the result of a long process of collaboration between the designer and the artisans, who actively participate in each phase of the project.