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Rchima Design
Meet The Artisans

Rchima Design

Souad Laghssais had the initial idea for her brand of Amazigh-inspired clothing and accessories on a train journey from Marrakech to El Jadida four years ago while volunteering for Corps Africa.

Born and raised in the Ait Atta tribe in the region of Zagora, southeast of Morocco, she started her entrepreneurial journey in Marrakech, hand-painting Amazigh symbols on pre-made t-shirts. Today she collaborates with a local tailor who sews her products, while she takes care of all designs, embroidery, drawing, and painting. Her brand Rchima Design is on offer in concept stores around Morocco.

Souad's designs are directly inspired by her childhood memories of Amazigh tattoos on her grandmother’s and aunties’ faces, arms, and hands. By matching those to items of everyday use like tote bags, purses, t-shirts, and sweaters, Souad allows people throughout the world to connect to the beauty of Amazigh culture, by creating artisanal products imprinted with this identity.

A Rchima Design product is so much more than an item: it’s a piece of Souad’s soul, the product of years of creativity, perseverance, and discovery of one’s heritage.