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Meet The Artisans


Tunis-born architect and designer Sanaa Chaabi had an eclectic education which saw her studying in Morocco at an international school, before moving to Italy to study the language and history of Italian art & cinema. She followed a year traveling around the country with a degree at l’École Superieure Special d’Architecture, culminating in a thesis on the art of Islamic geometry in the Arab world. This allowed her to merge her biggest passions: fashion design, architecture, and art.

A lover of the geometry in Arabic art and architecture, she draws inspirations from patterns found in ancient buildings and laser cuts them to use on pockets or embroideries on her fashion creations. Sanaa creates clothes for the modern woman, who is at once elegant and modest, serene and authentic, with layers of complexity that are exemplified in her detailed embroideries.

Her brand Reewaya, Arabic for tale, is an experimental collaboration where designer, tailors, and embroiderers test together new materials, update ancestral techniques and craft contemporary clothing inspired by Moroccan culture and design, pieces of wearable art that look unique and tell a story.

Her Jeblia collection is inspired by Arabic name given to the mountain women of Morocco who live in the Riff, the northern mountain of Tétouan, Morocco. Starting from any inspiration - a landscape, an anecdote, a scenario - Sanaa designs the Jeblia in different contexts, from her native mountains to the skyscrapers of NYC, before expert artisan women embroider, paint or bead the design on the piece of clothing.