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rrres Studio
Meet The Artisans

rrres Studio

Started by Javier Reyes, a graphic designer originally from the Dominican Republic, rrres Studio develops textile products heavily inspired by minimalist design: graphic, glyph-like symbols, abstract shapes, lines and curves all contribute to creating beautiful, almost dream-like images which are incorporated in the rugs, carpets, and throws, handwoven using the pedal loom technique by expert artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Javier’s inspiration comes from the very experience of meeting and living with the artisans and indigenous communities he works with, from their traditions, beliefs and culture. Developing products with the artisans is a way for him to learn more about their shared Latin American heritage, steeped in ancient pre-Columbian civilizations, which the Zapotec communities rrres works with are direct descendants of.

rrres Studio works closely with artisans to understand their processes, materials, and techniques, and reflect that in their designs. Every piece is made directly with the artisans to ensure fair working conditions and payment, which contributes to building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

The effort and love that goes into the process is palpable through the vibrance of patterns and beauty of the finished products. Each rug, throw and carpet they make is absolutely unique and reflects the artistic sensitivity of the designer as well as that of the artisan who made it.