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Meet The Artisans


Rick has been exploring the connection between beauty and usability throughout his entire life. His work resonates with a dialectic of aesthetics from parallel fields that he brings to his craft.

Rick’s three personal projects, Ruralista, Atelier Productora, and Rossenham are the wellsprings he draws from in his journeys between design disciplines and techniques. He’s happy to link extremes like slow-and-mass production while creating new ceramic forms that challenge and delight the eye. Rick’s main objective was to understand and master the process of hand-working both wood and clay together while creating an array of projects for a diverse client base along the way.

Rick’s collections are manifestations of his journey in handmade magic.

“The New Ancients” is Ruralista’s second collection. It explores clean aesthetics composed in clay, creating pure shapes, and a unique statement in each piece. The clay has been worked using traditional methods handed down through generations in the southern regions of Mexico. Ruralista’s diverse, beautiful range of ceramic vessels was created to evoke the aroma and tastes of Mexico’s cuisine. To us, the vessels are endowed with a sense of connection that enables an upholding of Mexico’s strong and growing cultural heritage.