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Meet The Artisans

S|HE Archives

Che Dobbins, the jewelry designer of S│HE Archives, originally from California, found herself living quite the nomadic life traveling the world until eventually basing herself in Morocco. Che's fascination with jewelry began as a child exploring her mother's vast collection of ethnic jewelry. She fondly recalls admiring the intricacy of each piece, curious to understand the unique story behind every ring, bracelet and necklace in her mother's enchanting treasure box.

Growing up Che collected varied trinkets, anything with a special story. She found the beauty in preserving and salvaging things that held a deeper storyline, seeing the potential in transforming old objects into wearable adornments.

In 2014, Che designed her first collection in the garage of her sister's home. The collection drew quite a lot of attention and was sold in a high-end, local boutique. Realizing her potential led her to deepen her training and exploration. It was in this process, deep diving into historical archives on jewelry making, Che decided to travel to North Africa, the Mecca of Berber jewelry and old magic. Ultimately, she decided to settle in Morocco, reconnecting her with her own African lineage.

Over the years Che has collected her own stories and experiences which she integrates into her designs. Her collection is brought to life in collaboration with a local master silver-smith in the south of Morocco.