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Meet The Artisans


Colombian designers and friends Mariana Eichmann and Daniela Hernández de Alba have always shared a passion for Colombia’s ecological riches and created their brand Salvárea as a love letter to their country’s natural diversity. 

Each collection and product is inspired by the territory itself, be it the flow of the water, the jaggedness of the mountains, or the softness of a sandy beach. Their jewels articulate the great ecological diversity of Colombia and each tells a story that, when joined with the others, becomes a new way of representing the country.

Concerned with keeping their products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, Mariana & Daniela retain control over each part of the process, from sourcing the materials to manufacturing and finishing. Their jewelry is made of .925 and .950 recycled silver extracted from X-rays and other unconventional materials, such as recycled concrete from rubble and hand-blown glass.

Master artisans work on their slow-fashion collections using entirely handmade processes, avoiding excess stock and reducing unnecessary waste. Salvárea also allocates a percentage of their sales to the preservation of the ecosystems that inspired each collection, through strategic partnerships with organizations such as Fundación Natura, O2 Reserve, Fundación Pajareritos, and Cumbres Blancas Colombia.