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Sara y Flora
Meet The Artisans

Sara y Flora

In the words of Sara Hill, the Creative Director of Bucaramanga-based jewelry brand Sara & Flora, “jewelry is an art of expression,” an opportunity to communicate a message of equality, freedom, and femininity. The muse, a woman of our times, is Sara: self-loving, brave, curious, and in constant evolution, not afraid of falling and starting over.

The philosophy behind the brand is the beauty of nature that surrounds us in its perfect circular and organic cycles moved by art, colors, and the environment. Even the production processes are inspired by nature and take the shape of a circle, nothing in the production chain is considered waste, everything takes a new life and is part of this perfect sphere.

Each timeless piece is created through a comprehensive and investigative process of the environment, followed by an experimental deconstruction of traditional Colombian techniques that culminate in unique and contemporary designs.

This concept of circular nature is one that Sara & Flora want all of their customers to feel when wearing one of their pieces, a total unison with the environment, the self, and the expert hands of traditional artisan jewelers.