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Meet The Artisans


Derived from the ancient phrase “Sarkal, círculos sagrados femeninos,” sacred feminine circles, Sarkal is a Colombian brand of sacred accessories. Founder and artist Catalina López focuses on colors, sustainability, and uniqueness when making her pieces.

With her brand Sarkal, she aims to complement the feminine body to make it more artistic, powerful, and blissful by incorporating accessories crocheted using brightly colored beads, which are entirely handmade and inspired mostly by nature, women, and geometry.

Catalina started creating beautiful jewelry for friends and family, with her cousin being her first official customer, purchasing a pair of earrings in red and coralline that took four hours to create. After experimenting with the crochet technique, she started to incorporate mostacilla beads in her designs, which gained popularity quickly.  

Then came miyuki, a beautiful material from Japan, which consists of glass beads with a beautiful shine, available in an array of different colors. 6 years on, Catalina still loves the process of creating and works from her place overlooking the beautiful Andes, letting her mind wander while her hands create a beautiful piece that will make someone in the world happy.