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Seesé Ilumina
Meet The Artisans

Seesé Ilumina

Architect and urban planner Irene Arango stumbled upon lighting design by pure chance when she was asked to design lamps for a restaurant project she was working on. She then decided to dedicate her life’s work to creating illuminated artistic products.

Founded with a clear goal in mind: Seesé comes from the indigenous name given to the Amazon and it appropriately means light and clarity. Focused on generating feelings of visual and mental well-being in a world dominated by screens and blue lights, Seesé is able to create rest moments in our day when we can enjoy a cozy, warm and innovative light feature.

Seesé Ilumina’s handmade lighting is the fruit of the collaboration of many expert hands from different states across Colombia. The design team in Bogotà sends the drawings to the ornamentation and wood workshop where the plans become actual, sturdy structures. These are then sent to craftsmen and women in the Amazon and other regions to be weaved using only natural fibers, such as the fique from Curití, Santander, Colombia. Once the luminaries are woven, it’s the turn of the expert hands of electricians, who complete the handmade lighting, so that we can admire their beauty and absorb their destressing effects.