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Shüvia Taller
Meet The Artisans

Shüvia Taller


Maria José Casas Alatriste Rion is a Mexican architect and artisan by life. Her mother, Maria Josefina Rion, was a ceramist and jeweler, who always involved her and her siblings in the whole NAÄB process, the art of clay; from the production, understanding of the materials, the versatility and adaptability of products, the relationship with the client and the importance of creating a product that adapts.

She always wanted to find something that coexisted between the worlds of architecture, object design and textiles, which is why two years ago she started a project, which began when she needed a lamp for her new house, and today is SHÜVIA, a line of uniquely designed artisan lamps.

The shapes and designs of the lamps are created with the mindset to adapt and transform, depending on what is needed of them and the space they’ll occupy.