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Silvestre Artesanos
Meet The Artisans

Silvestre Artesanos

Enamored with the rich cultural landscape of his motherland, Colombia, the founder of Silvestre Artesanos, Felipe, started trawling every corner of his geography to transform the infinite herbs, barks, vines, and fibers of the land into exquisite artisanal products.

From the Andean moors, along the plains of the Orinoquía and the Caribbean coast, and deep inside the Amazon, Silvestre Artesanos brings you beautiful baskets & lampshades handwoven by small artisan communities who bring their past traditions and the heart of Colombia into your homes.

Colombia is a land of master craftsmen, overflowing in nature and diverse in ethnicity and culture. In each region, in each town, there is a different expression of the craft of basket weaving. Silvestre Artesanos tries to rescue this knowledge, learn it, respect it and also add a little of its own art as a unique extra in its workshop.

Intervening with color shapes, handmade embroidery, looms and other decorative details to turn the baskets and lampshades into objects of great value and beauty, Silvestre Artesanos brings Colombia to you with its own individual twist.